The Mission….impossible ?

Henry Hendron’s expedition to sail the globe!

The vessel, “Wight Cat” which Hendron has set sail on to his plan to take ‘Wight Cat’ global.

Henry Hendron, a thirty something former celebrity barrister from Richmond Upon Thames in the UK’s South West London, is by no means your typical sailor. For a start he has never sailed until setting sail on his global sailing voyage.

But while Hendron has a total absence of experience as a sailor , he does at least have experience of water; an experienced marathon kayak paddler and White Water kayaker “WWR” ( Hendron was previously selected for the Irish WWR national team). Henry Hendron, together with brother Richard Hendron, still hold the record for the fastest time to complete the worlds longest canoe and kayak race; the one thousand mile “Yukon Race” through the remote Yukon river, a race which starts in Canada’s cut off town of Whitehorse and 1000miles later ends in the US state of Alaska in Fairbanks, a record title the ‘Hendron brothers’ have held onto now for some 6 years since they won the Yukon race and set the record for the quickest time to date in the worlds longest canoe and kayak race.

In addition to being the present record holders for the worlds longest (and most would also say toughest) canoe and kayak race, Hendron has a number of other water based fetes to his name, for instance Hendron led a team of 3 (again with brother Richard) a formal DHL sponsored world record attempt for the quickest time to cross the English Channel by kayak. In addition the Hendron brothers have between them notched up a number of wins in the UK’s longest kayak marathon race, the renowned Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race.

So Henry Hendron does not come to this latest challenge, of global circumnavigation of the world by sea, as a total idiot lacking in any experience whatsoever; though some might question whether his water experience to date is relevant experience for the mammoth task of circumnavigation.

What Hendron proclaims to have in abundance is real grit and endless determination, with a get up and go approach; Hendron hope’s that this approach will get him through the challenges and inevitable difficulties which he will encounter as he sails the globe in Wight Cat.

a view form the mast

Another fact that puts Hendron apart from almost every other yachtsman (other than the fact that Henry was not a yachtsman until the day he set sail in the first leg of the mission (casting the sail alone and for the very first time ever, as he set out to sail the globe, Hendron had not so much as even raised a sail let alone skippered a vessel; although that day ended in near disaster with Hendron tangling up the ropes and running aground and a Life boat rescue and tow to safe port!) what also puts Henry Hendron apart from his global circumnavigators is the fact that Hendron is not a part of the super rich breed of fat cat’s that have come to stereo type those in yachts and those who jolly around the world.

Hendron- the words first global normad…

Hendron is doing this on a budget and shoe string, entirely reliant on donations and other monies that he can raise via an online presence and elsewhere, as he sails the globe; in a very real sense Hendron is to be ‘the worlds first global nor-mad‘, without the corporate sponsors that have come to be standard fare on every published circumnavigation, nor without deep pockets to fund the trip, Hendron intends to raise the funds needed to get to each leg of his circumnavigation as he goes.

Members of the public are invited to send donations via following any of the donate now buttons on or by sending money by PayPal to

Travelling Campaigner of global equality in the law

Lastly, Hendron, a passionate believer in equality, and equal rights campaigner, Hendron intends to use the global trip around the world to highlight global inequality which exists enshrined in laws of various countries around the world, highlighting differences in how people are treated because of their race, gender, sexuality or religious belief, under the rule of law in some the most offending countries – in terms of the most legally unequal legislatures / countries – around the world, stopping off at some of the most legally unequal countries, where Hendron intends to lobby parliamentarians of countries which enshrine inequality in their nations laws , and to protest those parliaments and legislatures of each legally unequal country which he visits as well as meet and report back on his blog individual stories of real people he meets and interviews for his blog whose life are negatively affected by their own countries laws which treats them differently or punished them because of either their race, sexuality , gender or religious belief. Hendron will publish people unequal under the law on his blog as Hendron travels his global voyage.

People world wide who support Hendron’s campaign for worldwide equality in the law are asked to donate to Hendron’s campaign fund by sending donations, no matter how small to Hendron’s PayPal account or by following the donate now button on