A day gone by….

So Another day another dollar

Today I stayed put. In ‘staying put’ I made more progress compared to all the days I was on the ‘move’.

I could have put my hand to the million and one repairs the boat apparently needs; though, if I’m frank those “repairs” are actually superficial facial reconstruction as opposed to fixing the organs or bones of the boat.

I didn’t attempt any repair let alone a face lift of Wight Cat. She does not need it. Wight Cat purrs irrespective.

My brother Richard urged me to “tidy her up”.

What Richard meant by that was that he was uncomfortable being seen in a shabby vessel that was in ‘need’ of a coat of paint.

I’m not swayed….. I know how big my penis is, others can take it or leave it. It’s really their problem, not mine.

It’s not what we wear on the surface that matters. It’s what we are below that counts.

Nor do we need the acceptance of strangers to be at ease. I don’t, neither should you.

In ‘boating land’ people “invest” vast sums into their vessel. That “investment” is more often a penis enlargement as opposed to anything else.

In truth, no one needs a penis enlargement; ‘small diamonds cut large rocks’; just work out how to use it…..

We sweat a lot of small stuff. A lot of small stuff….

The ‘problems’ that most people in the uk think they face don’t bear comparison to the real challenges that many people global face.

For instance while we may cry at how bad the local authority is where we live in bin collection, bear a thought for those who live in the 72 countries around the world who suffer daily under the law because they are gay, and being gay in they country is outlawed.

Let’s be frank; most of us have it easy, right?

My first port of call (aside the Isle of Wight ) is France. A western democracy , so you would think.

Not so if your gay or a woman, where some of those ((French) laws, enshrines prejudice into law.

I will report on the major problem of French discrimination in the law in my blog post as I hit (hopefully not literally, but who knows!) the French Coast.

For now, good night.


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