Anchor Man II

I woke early to catch the low tide so that I could take a better look to see what my anchor is jammed by.; I saw, and the anchor has found a new long term home down there now, the thick chain leading up to the anchor has woven in and around a couple of neighbouring large boulders, in speggetti type fashion, while the anchor itself gives no movement whatsoever on pull, it being so firmly jammed between two large rocks.

It’s not my anchor anyway, I lost my anchor last week, the day of the first RNLI rescue. This is an anchor which I came to by chance, on the day of the second rescue, when I had no anchor on board other than my twin brother Richard, after Wight Cat began to hit the rocks (because we ironically didn’t have an anchor to drop to halt our drift !) our rescuers towed us to a near by bay and temporarily lent me their spare anchor.

As the loaned anchor dropped into the water, one of the two rescue boats shouted to the other rescue boat “oh look theirs that anchor from last week!”

My ears sprung up instantly, and my eyes directed to the patch of water which rescue boat 1 was pointing at, and their at the end of his stumpy fat hand was a white Bouy, marking an anchor line, but, most importantly of all (for the purposes of my anchor acquisition) no boat attached to the other end ( I thought to my self , there will be a boat attached very very soon!)

I immediately queried with the rescue boat the situation and story of this anchor and bouy, which with every word in response, I began to take ownership of this loan some anchor.

Shortly after the rescue boat left ( loaning me their anchor ) I then canoed over to where the anchor bouy was when the stumpy fat hand pointed to it, although by this time it was submerged with the rising tide. It being impossible to connect my own rope to the anchor bouy without getting wet and diving under, so I launched myself from the canoe onto open water, rope in one hand and swimming with another, then a short dive under the waters surface to connect my rope to the submerged anchor buoy, and BAM!, it’s now my anchor (according to international maritime law, thank you mamm!). I swam the other end of the rope back to Wight Cat, pushing the kayak as I swam.

I did not occur to that just maybe the reasons that anchor detached from its former owners boat was because it got jammed.

So I now have an anchor, one which is not going anywhere. This makes it a rather secure fixed tidle mooring which I do not have to pay for! Though I will have to invest in a new anchor if I am to take Wight Cat from her new permanent mooring!

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