When having a shower is a real treat

Living on a small sail boat has its attractions, but it does not come without sacrifice. Wight Cat does not have a shower, common with most other small modest sail boats, the shower is often the Sea, when at sea, though most harbour’s and Marina’s have shower facilities for their customers.

Having not been in harbour for about a week now, I have had only the cold sea shower (ie a jump in the sea, and a climb back up to the deck on Wight Cats ladder ).

Becoming “shower hungry” yesterday I paddled over to Yarmouth harbour, to slip into the harbour office and its accompanying showers ordinarily (I assume ) for its nautical residents at berth.

Yarmouth harbour office double ups at the visitor information centre, and to its rear are showers and a laundry room with coin operated machines. The showers and other facilities are in principle accessible to anyone since there is no code on the facilities door (as is common in other marina facilities ) so anyone can just literally walk in, undress and shower in one of the several private shower cubicles; just as I did today, at length, and it was truly a real treat; so simple, so basic, so modest, yet oh so rewarding.

On the paddle back from Yarmouth to Wight Cat I began to appreciate the satisfaction and happiness I got from my shower (sounds silly right?)…

Back on Wight Cat, I’ve formed a plan of action and manoeuvre to get Wight Cat going, but I’m not going to make the same mistake as I did last time I put Wight Cat to Sea, and launch in a state of unreadiness where both myself and Wight Cat were not quite ready;

my mate Russ Dawkins is trying to connect me with a old chum sea dog of his who has sailed around the world and who has offered to give me a lesson to teach me how to “navigate and then sail”, that would be exceptionally helpful, I must put some effort into making it happen…

To address the Wight Cat issues I experienced when I was adrift at sea and ran out of power, I have ordered a 500wat wind turbine for the boat, which together with my existing 100 watt solar panel should give me proper ‘off grid’ power 24/7 for all my needs: though I muse to myself that I would like a ‘power shower’ on board (the installation of which is easily possible) , wouldn’t that be a real luxury I think, then I remember the real and genuine satisfaction of having a shower today, which I would not have experienced but for the fact of the novelty of having a shower and the effort involved to shower a (4 mile paddle).

For now the Sea Shower, with the occasional treat of a land shower, is all I need!

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