Expedition ‘Sail the World’


On the 8th of August 2018 I set sail from Portsmouth Harbour on a mission to circumnavigate the globe on a tiny (23 foot) haggard tin pot sailing boat  that was made in 1973.

As I set sail, I do  so for the first time ever, for I have never, ever, sailed in my life, at all;  The first time that I will  have sailed in my entire life will be when I switch from the propulsion of the outboard engine (which will take  me out of Portsmouth Harbour) to the sails of my small craft ‘Spray Dancer’ when I enter the Solent as I head straight across the English Channel for Cherboug, France, on the first leg on my mission to circumnavigate the Globe by sail.

The mission is far  from impossible, indeed many thousands of people have sailed around the  world, even alone (as I shall be sailing solo, that is if you do  not include Edna my newly acquired parrot!), so to make the challenge a real one that puts me to the test of ‘ man or mouse’  apart from zero  sailing experience what so ever, I am sailing a craft which, to be frank, is not just pokey and small,  but according to sailing types that have seen the boat, is wholly inadequate to cross the channel, let alone the Atlantic Ocean, it lacks not just sufficient space (or any space), but lacks as sort of inbuilt  navagational equipment, or  any other such boat equipment.

The one (and only) thing that my boat ‘Spray Dancer’ has going for her is that she is cheap, very cheap, dirt cheap in fact,  I having bought her for the tidy sum of only  £350 on e-bay a month or so ago.

To those who have seen Spray Dancer in person, the news that she is cheap wont come as any big surprise, since she looks cheap to valueless! If anything those who have seen Spray Dancer might be taken aback that I paid ‘so much’  for this apparent sea bed decoration.

I am contemplating changing the boats name from “Spray Dancer’ to  “Boaty MacBoat Face”.

Along the way around the world I shall be making various stops in numerous jurisdictions around our world, to explore, examine, understand and highlight the numerous  inequalities that exist in the law of particular jurisdictions globe wide when it comes to equality before the law on the grounds of age, race, colour, sex or sexuality; since my background is that of a barrister of over ten years at the Bar.