Legal Consultancy

In the event that your visit to was not to read up on ocean going and sailing (mis) adventure but in search of legal help or legal consultancy services, of one form or another, then I might still be able to help.

I offer bespoke unregulated legal consultancy services on all areas of national and international law.

My legal consultancy service is global and not just confined to matters of English law; though in respect of matters falling within the jurisdiction of the English Courts, though I do not provide ‘reserved legal activities’ as defined by the Legal Services Act 2007, I am able to advise on most matters on a legal consultancy basis and outside the ambit or jurisdiction of the Legal Services Act 2007.

I am a barrister. I have spent over ten years as a practising and extremely busy barrister in London, where I undertook commercial, civil and family law matters.

For the purposes of transparency and clarity as to what I’m offering, I must be absolutely clear; I am not marketing my present legal consultancy services as a ‘legal consultancy from a practising barrister’. I am still a barrister albeit my practising certificate is temporarily suspended until May next year, (google me if you don’t know why and want to!).

In respect of all new clients I always give clients two fee options, they can either pay for my legal consultancy services as a one off fixed fee ( which I set at the start after I understand what the task at hand is and what is involved) or clients can pay me on the usual hourly rate basis (billable in 6 minute units) at my standard hourly rate of £300 per hour.

I am flexible with my billing, and seek to put in place a legal consultancy package which works for the particular needs of each individual client, to that end I also offer finance options to help spread the cost, albeit at cost!

Should you wish to take up any of my legal consultancy services please email me a summary of the situation, together with a statement as to what exactly you want me to do or what exactly you would like me to advise on, and we can proceed from your email. My email address is